Neil Finn, legendary singer/songwriter of Crowded House keeps us “Together Alone” with his voice, a guitar and HypeMiC

“I was lucky enough to receive an Apogee HypeMiC at exactly the right time. I had just begun doing daily internet radio shows from my music room in isolation, just me and my guitar and voice beaming out to a few other isolated souls singing some of my own songs, some covers, a bit of banter, all under the name Fangradio. I really couldn’t believe how great the HypeMiC sounded straight away, full, crisp and clear, with some of the characteristics of the old boom box condenser mics I used to love. I can just plug it into the USB port, open Pro Tools or Mixlr for Fangradio and start playing. It’s that simple. I use the level 2 setting to add a bit of pizazz to proceedings but haven’t had the nerve to go to level 3… yet.
That will come. I know a lot of design work and love went into making this mic… well done all at Apogee. It’s been a revelation.”

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