“A ClipMiC’s Purpose”

When #1 New York Times Best Selling author of A Dog’s Purpose and A Dog’s Journey (in theaters May 17) Bruce Cameron needed an audio solution for a dilemma he was having, he turned to his friends at Apogee.
Bruce enjoys riding his bike by the sea. These bike rides are a very creative time for him and Bruce needs to capture his ideas while they are fresh in his mind.  He had tried recording them using dictation software on his iPhone, which was attached to the handlebars of his bike, but this was a noisy and frustrating experience. The application simply wasn’t picking up his voice.  He then asked his friends at Apogee if they could help.
Bruce came to us and asked if we had a solution.  His main concern was using a mic that would not drop out or distort his words – the dictation app needed to receive his voice with clarity.  ClipMiC delivers the clarity and dependability Bruce requires. He needed a mic that was simple and easy to use with his iPhone.  Specially designed for iOS-device, Apogee ClipMiC features a Lightning connector to directly connect to iPhone and iPad thus creating a high-quality, ultra-portable solution for speech recordings. When you are in the creative process, the last thing you need is your mic or app to stop recording.
He downloaded Apogee’s Maestro App (available on the App Store), plugged in the ClipMiC and off he went …
No one knows better than an author that words matter. The ability to actually capture your thoughts using high end spoken word recording on the iPhone can be a useful tool for anyone, not just an artist who lives by his words. Modern mobile devices, with high-quality microphones like the Apogee ClipMic, can turn your phone into a portable recording studio for wherever life takes you, even if it’s writing a book while riding your bike. When you read the next bestseller from W. Bruce Cameron, know that some of it was written using an Apogee ClipMiC on the Venice bike path! That’s technology putting freedom into creativity, and that’s what Apogee has always been about.