Apogee Welcomes Audio Gate International as our Distribution Partner in Mexico

Apogee is pleased to announce Audio Gate International as its sole distribution partner in Mexico. Audio Gate International, a company founded in 2010, was created to represent only the best manufacturers of studio gear in Latin America. The region, had for the longest time been underserved, by having access to just a few low-budget audio brands. Against the odds of many who criticized the business model, calling it too ambitious or unrealistic for developing economies, Audio Gate proved itself by becoming the fastest-growing pro audio company in Mexico. Presently, Audio Gate represents over 60 brands, has fully equipped hundreds of high-end facilities, and has become the go-to solution for more than 50 platinum record producers and Grammy winners. Their modern approach to online marketing, friendly dealer relations, and dynamic marketing make them an ideal partner to represent Apogee.

From Jesus Cardoso, Director of Sales:
“We are very proud to start our collaboration with Apogee. As a studio owner in the late 90’s I bought my first set of their converters. They were AD-8000 Special Edition, and I remember vividly that many of the studio guests would comment how there was some this “very special” about the sound of our studio. I knew that while most were using 888 converters with their Pro Tools Mix systems, I had a secret weapon! Ever since Apogee has been a leader of innovation and they have the clients to prove it. With an impressive roadmap on the horizon, it is the perfect time for Apogee to have proper representation in Mexico.” 
 (888) 572 5825
Mexico DF: +(55) 5350 8559
Chile: +(56) 2938 2432
Argentina: +(54) 1159 843960