Announcing the Dante network option card for Apogee’s flagship audio interface Symphony I/O MK II.  The Symphony I/O MK II Dante option card uses Audinate’s Dante Brooklyn II module which features plug and play media networking for up to 32 bidirectional channels at 96kHz and 16 bidirectional channels up to 192k. With the included Pro Tools HD peripheral port, route audio between your Pro Tools session, the Dante network and Symphony I/O modules.

Extreme Apogee Quality With Dante Connectivity
Customers can now use the amazing sound quality of Apogee’s Symphony MKII combined with the most powerful networking solution from Audinate featured in many large scale installations in Broadcast, Live, and Post Production venues.  

The Symphony MK II system can be configured with a number of custom options ranging from 8-32 analog I/O channels.  Symphony MK II with Dante allows up to 32 channels with ProTools and redundant Dante connectivity to be fitted into a single two space rack device providing the smallest footprint available with this feature set.


  • Ultimate in Sound Quality – Features Apogee’s Flagship AD/DA conversion and optional mic preamps I/O Flexibility – Up to 32 channels of analog inputs and outputs per unit with optional 8 mic preamps
  • Pro Tools HD Peripheral Port – up to 32 bidirectional channels up to 192kHz. Route Symphony I/O module inputs or Dante Rx to Pro Tools inputs by blocks of 8 channels. Pro Tools HD outputs are routed to Dante Tx and I/O module outputs
  • The most interoperable networking technology: Works seamlessly with any other Dante-powered device
  • Up to 32 bidirectional channels at 96kHz – 16 bi-directional channels at 192kHz
  • Apogee Network Control software – Remote control of Symphony I/O settings, including mic pre (if installed), calibration and Monitor controls – for macOS and Windows 10

The Latest Evolution of the Symphony I/O MK II System
Symphony I/O MK II was been nominated for a 2017 TEC Award and is praised by customers and press internationally as the leading professional audio interface to set new sound quality standards for multi-channel recording.

Symphony MKII Dante™ option card will begin shipping April, 2019


  • Symphony I/O Mk II 2×6 Dante: $4,195 
  • Symphony I/O Mk II 8×8 Dante: $4,395
  • Symphony I/O Mk II 16×16 Dante: $5,495
  • Symphony I/O Mk II 8×8+8 Mic Pre Dante: $5,895
  • Symphony I/O Mk II 24×24 Dante: $7,890
  • Symphony I/O Mk II 32×32 Dante: $8,890