Apogee Element’s Tight Integration with Logic Pro X

Chris Vandeviver | Why Logic Pro Rules

Chris Vandeviver is a Youtube music educator and founder of the channel and blog Why Logic Pro Rules, a site dedicated to helping Logic users achieve more with their music.

He recently reached out to share his recent 3-part video series of his journey to find and test the best audio interface to use with Logic Pro X.

Check out his videos to learn how after comparing audio interfaces Chris determined Apogee Element’s sonic quality and tight integration is the best user experience for Logic users, and how Dual-Path DSP and FX Rack enable Logic users to monitor with plugins without latency.

What’s the Best Audio Interface For Logic Pro Users? I Decided to Find Out
– Why Logic Pro Rules

How the Element Tightly Integrates With Logic Pro X

Apogee’s FX Rack and Dual Path DSP in Logic Pro X

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