Apogee Is Excited To Announce Its New Partnership With The VoiceOver Network

Our friends at The VoiceOver Network (VON) have got a lot to talk about! We are delighted to announce an exciting new partnership between VON and Apogee. 

Who is The VoiceOver Network?
The VoiceOver Network is your one-stop-shop for everything you need to succeed in the voiceover industry. They are passionate about providing their members with the best events, opportunities, voiceover training, online webinars, help, and advice within a friendly and supportive environment. The team at VON carefully selects partners who share their drive to strengthen and support the voiceover industry.

What’s in store for 2022:

Apogee will be featured on The VoiceOver Hour Live and The VoiceOver Network Home Studio Workshops to bring you the latest updates on products and technology we have created for the voiceover industry.  We will guide you on what tools you need to get started in the voiceover space and if you are ready to level up, we will help you upgrade your original setup. There will also be a fantastic opportunity to connect directly with a team of Apogee product experts.

In 2022 we will host exclusive live events at Apogee Headquarters. In March the VoiceOverNetwork has organized a fun workshop to bring the community together that will also include an expert industry panel lineup. In November Apogee will host “Get Your Game On – America” – The VoiceOver Networks conference that is currently the only conference in the video game space dedicated specifically to the voiceover community.

The VoiceOver Network also publishes “The Buzz Magazine”, the only magazine dedicated to the voiceover industry. Apogee will feature our latest products as well as share inspiring stories from our voiceover world journey, from an actor recording audition takes with a HypeMiC in his bedroom, to stories about how our gear supported the artists and employees of the biggest streaming and broadcast networks in their remote work environments.

Special offer to Apogee customers:
Have you ever been told you have a great voice? 
The voiceover industry is booming right now and with the rise in online streaming and global gaming, there has never been more demand for talented voice actors. If you are interested in becoming a voice actor you will get some sound advice from the amazing resources available at VON – from regular voiceover workout groups, demo reel critique sessions, The Buzz Magazine, voiceover training classes and online webinars. You’ll also get great discounts on equipment from VON partners’ goods and services. 

Free Trial Offer
Join The VoiceOver Network on one month’s FREE TRIAL After that, it’s $39 a month. The team at VON has also waived their usual one-off joining fee of $69 giving you an overall saving of $108 for the first month. To take up this amazing offer visit https://www.thevoiceovernetwork.org/join-us/

Please use coupon code: VONAPOGEE when checking out to obtain your free trial. If you have any questions please email info@thevoiceovernetwork.org