How To Improve Sound Quality of Your Music on Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 edge or S6 edge +

You can make your music sound amazing on your Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge and Galaxy S6 edge + with the Apogee Groove headphone amp and DAC. All you need is Apogee Groove and a micro USB on-the-go cable (this is the one we tested). You can find these on Amazon and other retail sites in two-packs for about $7.  Then you just plug it in and it works!

How’s the battery life on the go? We connected a fully charged Samsung Galaxy S6 edge to Apogee Groove and listened to Spotify for 2 hours and had 40% battery left. There was light use of the phone to check email and text. 

Great audio requires plenty of power, so if you are sitting and listening for a long time with your Samsung phone, simply put Groove on a wireless charger (we tested with the Samsung model) so you can charge your battery while you listen.

Whether you are listening to high-res files from your music library or streaming from Spotify, Pandora, Google Play music, Tidal or your favorite music service, Apogee Groove will significantly improve the quality of your listening experience on S6 series Samsung phones, and Mac and Windows computers.