How To: Listen to audiophile quality music in your car with Apogee ONE and your iPhone, iPod, or iPad

These days, more and more people are using their iOS devices to listen to music in their cars. With the ability to store large amounts of music on your phone using apps like Spotify for listening (especially with convenient “Offline” listening options), people have much more freedom and choice when it comes to in-car music listening.

Unfortunately, the sound quality coming from the output of these devices often leaves something to be desired. To improve the music listening experience, you can take advantage of Apogee’s legendary digital-to-analog audio conversion by using an Apogee ONE for iPad & Mac with your iOS device in your car – essentially transforming your ONE into a hi-fi car DAC. Your digital audio files bypass the factory converters in the iPhone and go directly to ONE, where they are converted into analog signal and fed directly into your car stereo using an auxiliary input. We tested this setup in our cars and the results were stunning (not to mention the fact that ONE was also charging our iPhones).

Follow the simple steps below and soon you’ll be enjoying audiophile quality sound in your car. Get ready for an upgrade!

Using ONE as a DAC in your car

What you will need:

  • Apogee ONE for iPad & Mac
  • Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch
  • Apogee ONE Lightning cable (included with ONE)
  • 1/8″ stereo cable (aux cable) – Your car must have an AUX 1/8″ input
  • Rechargeable batteries OR:
    • 12v-to-USB 5v DC power adapter
    • USB-to-4mm DC power cable

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Apogee ONE for iPad & Mac

Apogee ONE for iPad & Mac Car Adapter Kit

Setting Up:

1. Turn your car stereo off before proceeding.

2. If you prefer to power ONE from your car, connect USB-to-DC power cable into the 12v-to-USB power adapter and connect power adapter into your car’s cigarette lighter. Next, connect DC side of USB-to-DC power cable into the ONE’s DC power jack. If you prefer battery operation, insert 2 rechargeable AA batteries into your ONE.

3. Connect ONE to your iOS device with the Apogee Lightning cable. Your ONE should now be powered up and charging your iOS device (if you are not using batteries)

4. Connect 1/8″ stereo cable to ONE and your car’s audio aux input.

5. Turn on your car stereo. Set it to receive audio from the aux input. Set the volume on your car stereo to a low volume.

6. Launch a music app on your iOS device such as iTunes or Spotify. As soon as the app launches, set the volume on your iOS device to about 80%, as the output from the iDevice is set from the app you’re using.

7. Play some music. Make sure that the status levels on the ONE are not red (clipping) – if they are, adjust accordingly on your iOS device. From now on, you may control volume levels from your iOS device (playing the music), ONE’s control knob or your car stereo (controlling master level).

8. Enjoy the best sound you’ve ever heard from your car!