Clearmountain’s Plugins

Product Overview

Clearmountain’s Domain and Clearmountain’s Spaces, the software plugins from Apogee that bring the cohesive spaces, expansive dimensions, and rich sonic atmospheres of the legendary Bob Clearmountain into your mix.

For decades, all of us – engineers, producers and musicians – have marveled at the work of Bob Clearmountain. Think of the most popular recordings by iconic artists like David Bowie, Roxy Music, Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Adams, and so many others. 

An important hallmark of all these recordings is those cohesive soundscapes, the rich atmospheres where, in his own words, his mixes live – where musical elements each have their own place and dimension but all blend together in a seamless whole. He even has a name for this sonic concoction that he creates for every mix, he calls it Clearmountain’s Domain. 

So, how does he go about conjuring up this Domain? Well, over decades of mixing hits,  he’s developed an intricate and personalized hardware FX chain that involves an entire studio’s worth of gear: live echo chambers, delays, harmonizers, de-essers, EQs, and his large format SSL mixing console.

The Clearmountain’s Domain plugin faithfully reproduces this highly evolved signal chain in a streamlined and powerful format that’s easy to use. You’ll discover almost endless creative options, but it’s really easy to get started; just scroll through the Clearmountain Classic presets that reproduce many of the awe-inspiring sounds from his best known hits.

Included in Domain are Clearmountain’s personal digital impulse response reverbs captured from his favorite Spaces: the warm Apogee Studios tracking room, his custom-designed MixThis echo chamber, a favorite large and dark echo chamber and many more.

Now, to make these highly personalized Spaces accessible to anyone, Apogee has created a separate plugin to feature them called  Clearmountain’s Spaces, an incredibly simple to use plugin with Bob’s 3 favorite room and echo chamber reverbs plus his expert input processing. Clearmountain’s Spaces comes with Symphony Desktop, and is available to all for a truly breakthrough price. 

With Clearmountain’s Domain and Clearmountain’s Spaces, your mixes benefit from Clearmountain’s expertly crafted sonic fingerprint, and your mixing knowledge improves through his preset examples. But most importantly, in Bob’s own words “be creative…show me something I don’t know”.

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