Apogee Customer Spotlight – Andrew Synowiec

You may not have heard of Andrew Synowiec by name, but chances are you have heard his guitar playing. From blockbuster movies to theme songs on major network TV and Billboard hits, Andrew is one of LA’s busiest session musicians.  He has contributed to records selling over 10 million copies worldwide and garnered eleven combined Grammy nominations. He musicianship is a force to be reckoned with.

Apogee: What Symphony I/O configuration are you working with and what’s your preferred signal/ microphone chain for recording electric guitar? 

Andrew: I’m using the Symphony I/O 16×16 analog configuration, which allows me to have all of my input sources available all the time without repatching – it really helps the workflow.  On electric guitars I’ve always been a fan of the SM57/Royer 121 combination, but it really depends on the situation – the possibilites are endless.

Apogee: What was/ were your deciding factor(s) in choosing Apogee’s Symphony I/O to best suit your needs as a session guitarist?

Andrew: The number one factor in choosing Apogee, hands down, was their reputation within the industry. Seeing the Apogee logo instills confidence in my clients.  Before upgrading my system, I spoke to a number of my golden-eared engineer friends who had done shootouts and preferred the Symphony I/O.  I’m happy to report that in my own experience I have found it to be far superior to my previous converters.  The stereo field is wider, the eq curve is truer, and the detail and separation between instruments makes for quicker, easier overdubbing.

Apogee: What songs have you recorded using your Symphony I/O that you’d like to share?

Andrew: I just recently switched over to the Symphony I/O. So far I’ve used it to record a few different indie singer-songwriter records, a new EP by the band Archis, Disney’s Mickey Mouse series, and many films including Transformers: Age Of Extinction. I really enjoy the variety!