Apogee Customer Spotlight – Bridgid Bibbens

Bridgid Bibbens is one of the most in-demand electric and acoustic violinists in the US. She has performed with major artists in the rock, pop and jazz worlds.When she’s not touring and performing to sold-out audiences in major venues throughout the US, she’s paying it forward by teaching children the gift of music.

Apogee: How do you use your JAM 96K?​

Bridgid: I use it to record with Logic ProX. At home, I have a full studio setup, but I purchased the JAM 96K so that I could record on the road, too. ​

Apogee: What past, present & or future projects would you like to share with our readers?

Bridgid: I have my first solo album – Sugar & Steel – out now, which is a compilation of covers from artists who have influenced my style. Currently working on the next album, which will be all originals.
Apogee:What do you love most about your JAM 96k? ​

Bridgid: The ease and portability – it’s so freeing to be able to record literally anywhere, anytime an idea strikes or a session needs to be done. I can sit on my hotel room bed and record string tracks for other artists, or “jot down” a riff that pops into my head, whenever I need to, and it sounds just as good as if I were in my full studio at home.