Driving Opportunity:

Rancho el Faro Orphanage

Apogee and close company friend, John Rhee, were excited for the delivery of a 15 person passenger van they jointly purchased to Rancho El Faro orphanage, one of the many orphanages Apogee helps support through the Corazon de Vida Foundation.

Pro-snowboarder, Eddie Wall and his fiancée, artist and model Mariana Renteria, along with Apogee’s Alex Jackson, helped drive the van down to the kids from L.A. on behalf of Apogee and had an incredible time.  Eddie says, “Driving the 15 person passenger van down to Mexico and seeing how happy it made the kids to know they now have reliable transportation was an amazing experience!” George Perez, a Corazon De Vida board member, explains, “this much needed van will give the home an opportunity to transport kids to school or for an outing.”

The children of Rancho El Faro are very isolated and rarely get to leave the orphanage. Having a vehicle will allow them more freedom and in turn more opportunity to get to work or jobs than they have ever had before.  Alex, who has worked with the children for many years, says the van is “especially helpful to the older kids who are severely lacking in the real world experiences they need to be successful once they leave the orphanage. Their remote location prevents the older kids from getting the part time jobs they need to gain skills they will desperately need to support themselves once they are 18.  The lack of transportation at El Faro was compounded by an incredibly limited staff, the van will go a long way in solving some of these problems.”  The van can also be used in emergencies to get children to the hospital and will generally provide great relief and an added feeling of security to the young couple, Cristina and Miguel, who run Rancho El Faro and take care of the 65 children that live under their care.

Mariana mentions, “The children in the homes just want love and some form of normalcy.  I was born in Mexico and raised in the U.S. in a loving home with a big family.  I feel an obligation, with the opportunities and resources we have available here to help these kids, and am so happy to help a company that gives so much to so many orphaned kids.  It’s really wonderful to see what Apogee does.”  Eddie adds, “Helping the children at the orphanage may be one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever been a part of.  The kids are so great, so appreciative of everything.”  Both Eddie and Mariana can’t wait for their next trip down.

Please contact Alex Jackson at Alexandria@apogeedigital.com if you would like more information on the Corazon de Vida Foundation or would like to know how to sign up for a volunteer trip down to Mexico for a day.