Element 88

Product Overview

Take a look at Apogee’s feature-packed 16×16 Thunderbolt audio interface, Element 88.
With onboard DSP, flexible control options, Thunderbolt connectivity and superior Apogee audio circuitry, Element 88 delivers a supercharged recording experience at an unprecedented price.

To get started, let’s look at the first stage of your audio signal path, Element 88’s analog inputs.  Element  includes 8 of our Advanced Stepped Gain mic preamps, whose quality and performance rival those of much more expensive standalone preamps. With a class-leading 75 dB gain range plus an analog circuit that dynamically optimizes for the lowest distortion and noise at every gain setting,  Element 88’s mic preamps capture everything from the thunderous impact of a drum kit to the delicate nuances of fingerpicked acoustic guitar.

Analog inputs 1 to 4 also include quarter-inch instrument inputs with a high impedance bridging circuit, so keyboards, guitars and other instruments maintain a bright and present sound. The next stage of your signal path is the analog to digital conversion, a technology for which Apogee has led the field for over 35 years. Element 88 continues this tradition of excellence, offering the best A to D and D to A conversion performance in its class. Thanks to Element’s Thunderbolt connectivity and Apogee’s custom driver, you’ll experience vanishingly low latency while maintaining a low CPU load, so more of your Mac’s processing power is available to your DAW. Element 88’s analog outputs offer exactly what you need – 2 XLR and 2 TRS line outputs that can be configured to switch between 2 speaker sets or independent stereo outputs, plus 2 high power headphone outputs with completely independent routing. So, how is it that we can offer superior conversion and mic preamps while maintaining affordability?  We’ve made Element’s chassis extremely robust and, as you may have noticed, rather minimalist. By omitting hardware controls, we’re able to offer higher quality audio circuitry at a price per channel that’s unmatched in today’s audio interface market. That said, there are more options to control Element 88 than we’ve ever offered before:

Apogee Control for Mac is our highly customizable software app that features the convenient Essentials window. This compact arrangement of mic pre, headphone and speaker level controls can be positioned next to your DAW window for quick access during your session. Apogee Control for iOS gives you control of Element mic pre, headphone and speaker level controls via WiFi –  a great feature for artists who engineer their own sessions. Finally, the Apogee Control Remote accessory gives you comprehensive, customizable hardware controls right at your fingertips.


Perhaps one of Element’s most innovative features is our DualPath plugin workflow, which allows you to run Apogee FX plugins on Element’s internal hardware DSP AND natively in your favorite DAW. Using  our Dualpath Link feature that interconnects  DSP and Native plugin parameter control, Direct monitoring with plugins becomes easy and intuitive. For a detailed look at DualPath, check out our standalone video.

Now, If you’re a Logic Pro user, Element 88 includes integration features that aren’t available from any other brand audio interface. With mic pre controls right in the Channel strip, the Apogee-exclusive Direct button that magically eliminates latency, and unique support for DualPath plugins, the Element 88 – Logic Pro system offers integration that other systems can only dream of. Regardless of your DAW, Element 88 offers superior audio quality, uniquely flexible and intuitive workflows plus innovative plugin functionality that will enhance your creativity and supercharge your studio. 

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