Symphony I/O Mk II HD
The Ultimate Pro Tools | HD Interface

Symphony I/O Mk II

Symphony I/O Mk II HD is the latest Apogee flagship product to offer direct Pro Tools® | HD connectivity. And now that Avid is offering Pro Tools | HDX and Pro Tools HD | Native as stand alone products, you can choose the audio interface that represents a legacy of superior sound quality and advanced features. 

With Symphony I/O Mk II you can configure the ideal system for your studio from 2 to 32 channels of I/O per unit or an 8 to16 channel unit with 8 built in world-class mic preamps. If you are working in Pro Tools native too add a Thunderbolt option card to your Symphony I/O Mk II configuration and have the best of both worlds with ultra low latency and superior sound quality.

“I’ve never felt that there could be one “perfect converter” because interface needs significantly vary from one user to the next, but after reviewing Symphony I/O Mk II, my feelings have changed.”

– Pro Audio Review –

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