Apogee FX Plugins

Product Overview

Take a look at the power and flexibility of Apogee FX plugins. From vintage shaping to modern precision sculpting, Apogee FX plugins provide you with distinctive and powerful tools to transform your sound.

First up – our Pultec EQ plugins

The Pultec EQP-1A Program Equalizer and MEQ-5 Midrange Equalizer plugins reproduce the musical EQ curves and distinctive tube character of the original classic hardware units from the 1950s. 

Apogee’s Pultec plugins are the only ones licensed and endorsed by Pulse Techiques, the current manufacturer of Pultec hardware.

The Opto 3A  optical compressor plugin reproduces the reactive compression of this classic solid state unit. The Opto 3A’s compression characteristic adapts to incoming audio – gentle and transparent when compressing lightly, more aggressive and thick with more compression.

The ModEQ 6 six band parametric equalizer plugin offers a wide range of precise frequency shaping tools, plus user interface features to visualize your settings and sound. The real time signal analyzer helps to identify frequencies and visualize the results of your EQ settings.

The ModComp Visual Compressor features a wide range of gain reduction and advanced sidechain functionality to offer a wide range of compression characteristics. The Visual interface provides instant feedback as you change settings, allowing you to really understand the effects of each parameter.

If you’re using an Apogee Element Series, Ensemble Thunderbolt or Symphony Desktop interface, Apogee FX plugins can run on their onboard hardware DSP, allowing you to benefit from our revolutionary DualPath Monitoring workflow. Check out our standalone DualPath Monitoring video for more details.

With Apogee FX plugins, you get distinctive and powerful tools to transform your sound.

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