Getting Started with

Symphony Desktop

Congratulations on receiving your brand new Symphony Desktop!

Either watch the video above or continue reading to get started! Symphony Desktop is the most feature rich and advanced audio interface we’ve ever developed, and we know you’re going to love it.

Along with your Symphony Desktop, you’ll receive a box full of accessories: USB-C and USB-A cables, an Apogee thumb drive, and the Symphony Desktop power cable with a few international adapters. To connect an adapter, just slide it on top of the power supply.

To connect your power cable, insert into the back of your Symphony Desktop and twist it to lock, as seen below.

Once you have your Symphony Desktop connected to your power cable, tap on the dial to power on. A white screen will begin to flash for a few moments until booting up.

Once you have your Symphony Desktop powered on, you’ll see one of the two images below:

Regardless of what you see on your screen, the first thing you’ll need to do is update your unit. You can register your Symphony Desktop by heading over to our registration page here:

Fill it out, and at the end of the registration page you’ll get a link to download the most current software. You’ll also receive an email shortly afterwards with codes for Clearmountain’s spaces and the ECS channel strip plugins which are included with every Symphony Desktop.

Once you’ve completed registration, you’re ready to begin using your Symphony Desktop.

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