Use Groove with Krisp to get

the Best Sound in your Video Conference

2020 has seen an exponential increase in Video Conference Calls with services like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, FaceTime etc. as well as Live Streaming content on platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, Facebook Live and even Amazon. We’ve received many questions on topics ranging from “how to improve voice quality on Zoom”, to “how to get rid of echo or background noise”. Most people understand that a good USB microphone like Apogee’s Hype MiC, MiC Plus or MiC 96K as opposed to the built-in microphone, will insure you’re heard loud and clear.

If you don’t own an Apogee mic there is another approach you can take that has shocked everyone we’ve shared it with. This method works best using a pair of headphones, an audio interface like Apogee Groove and a truly impressive AI application called Krisp. Similar to Nvidia RTX Voice, Krisp utilizes artificial intelligence capabilities to separate unwanted background noise from human voices. Krisp works on desktop platforms (MAC, Windows, and Chrome web browser by Google) and opens up a new world of possibilities not only for video conference calls but even for recording Podcasts, voice overs and acoustic instruments in your DAW of choice (Logic, GarageBand, ProTools, Ableton Live, etc)!

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