How to Make Sure Your Video Call Sounds Great with Apogee ClipMic digital 2

The Apogee ClipMic digital 2 is the mobile conferencing and presentation microphone you’ve been waiting for. This is a highly-portable, versatile microphone that delivers professional-quality sound for iOS, Android, Mac and PC devices. If you’ve been looking to step up your conferencing and presentation game for all of your devices, no matter where you are, this microphone was made for you.
Apogee ClipMic digital 2 is the perfect mic for presentations and conferencing for the following reasons:

  • Easily plugs into any recent iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows, or Android device
  • The highest quality sound of any iOS based lavalier microphone on the market
  • Small form factor makes it portable
  • Free download of Apogee MetaRecorder with your purchase of Apogee Clipmic digital 2 for seamless digital recording, labeling, and sound mixing of your sound
  • Extended cable lets you position your camera properly and keep the mic close to you.

Whether you’re presenting in person or on the go, or you need a microphone that sounds great whether you’re in the office or at a hotel, the Apogee Clipmic digital 2 is the most versatile choice you can make. Don’t compromise the quality of your presentation with cheap-sounding audio. If your presentation is worth giving, it’s worth being heard properly.

Connect to any device

ClipMic digital 2 comes with USB-C, USB-A, and Lighting connections, so you can use it with Macs, PCs and smartphone devices. The normal cable length plugs into your smartphone. But when it is time for a Zoom call on your desktop computer, you just unplug the USB-C jack from the cable from the main cable and plug it right into your Mac or PC.

No drivers needed

You might think that there are drivers, or software or downloads or updates to do next. But there’s none of that. No adapters or software are required. It’s truly plug-n-play. As soon as you plug the ClipMic digital 2 into your computer, it will recognize and enable the mic.

Settings made simple

When you launch Zoom, it’s simple to double-check that you’ve got your mic enabled. Just open the settings window (a little gear icon in the top right of the Zoom homepage), go to the “Audio” tab, and verify in the drop-down menu that ClipMic digital 2 appears.

If you really want the best performance, adjust the microphone volume slider while talking at your normal volume to make sure that you aren’t seeing red in the meter. You can even hit the “Test Microphone” button, and double-check it. Zoom will do a little recording and play it back for you.

Who Needs Headphones?

One of the big drawbacks to external microphones has been the need to also wear headphones. We’ve all heard mics start to echo or produce feedback. This happens when the mic hears the computer’s speakers and starts replaying that audio back through the system. The ClipMic Digital 2 will not feedback during a Zoom call, because it was designed for video conferencing. So there’s no need to stick earbuds in, or find your headphones. Not only will you sound better, but you’ll look better too.

There has never been a simpler, more useful microphone for all your devices.


Apogee ClipMic digital 2 solves so many of the problems that we have all faced during the pandemic. Best of all, it makes the experience of video calling more enjoyable to your listeners. They will know that you value your message, and that will make them sit up and take notice too!

Connects directly to your computer with the supplied USB-C and USB-A cables