Improving Audio Quality on Skype Calls and Webinars

Web conferencing is easier than ever, with dozens of platforms including Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, WebEx and more, but unfortunately the audio quality is almost always a problem. How many times have you said “I can’t hear you,” “sounds tinny.” “too distant”? Built in computer microphones are designed to be small and discrete which often compromises sound quality. Using a real digital microphone for video conferences and webinars is the best choice for professional, reliable results. Apogee offers a number of solutions that will improve the sound of your next web conference.

Apogee MiC 96K

Apogee MiC 96K is the fastest and easiest way to improve the sound of your voice on any Skype call or web conference. Simply plug MiC 96K into a USB port, plug headphones into the computer and speak into the microphone. MiC 96K is a studio grade condenser microphone that is designed to reproduce the every detail of your voice.

Apogee ONE for Mac

Apogee ONE for Mac allows you to connect any microphone directly to your computer for broadcast quality audio for any conference call, interview or webinar. Broadcasters and sportscasters are now using Skype as an important tool to interview guests around the world. With ONE you can connect any industry standard microphone such as an EV RE20, Shure SM7 or Neumann BCM 705 for radio ready sound. If you want to connect a microphone that is hidden from view, a clip-on lav mic such as a Sennheiser ME2 can easily hide behind a jacket. ONE also features a high powered headphone amp which is perfect for studio headphones such as Sennheiser HD280, so you can listen clearly without feedback. ONE is portable simple to use, with a single control knob and is the key ingredient to taking your next webinar to the next level.

Apogee Duet

Duet is an audio interface that offers two separate microphone inputs, which is perfect for interviews or video calls with more than one leader. Similar to ONE, Duet allows you to connect any professional microphone to your computer with the best digital conversion quality. Duet can also be used to connect to a mixer board or other pro audio device to broadcast any stereo signal. Duet has a professional headphone output and a stereo speaker output that can connect to a PA system or speakers for presenting in front of a large audience.

Do you have more than two inputs? Looking for a full professional broadcast studio solution? Apogee offers a wide range of solutions for portable backpack studios all the way to rack mount converters for interfacing the largest consoles in the world. Click on the link below to Ask an Apogee Expert, we’re here to answer any question and help you find the best solution to improve your sound.