Kibera Update February 2015:

Thank you all so much for following the incredible family of girls in Kenya we are so proud to support at Apogee.  The girls had a bit of a shock this month when they were asked to leave their home.  Their apartment building was being shut down and demolished by the government- the structure didn’t meet housing standards. But not to worry!  Zitah was able to secure a new home and the girls have moved to another gated community just outside of the slums of Nairobi.

While the apartment they just left was exponentially nicer then the hut they were originally living in (in Kibera slums) and was much safer and cleaner we are very pleased they have made the move to an even nicer home.  The girls said this apartment is even better with consistent hot running water and even more security.  They are happy and, well, why not let them update us themselves!  Here are this month’s letters….