Live from The Artists Den

Recorded by Apogee’s Symphony I/O

From The New York Public library to a Masonic temple (and just about everything in between), PBS’s nationally televised series Live from the Artists Den features intimate performances that showcase high-profile artists in non-traditional and often historic concert settings. The innovative music platform, which presents concerts across the United States, demands the most reliable and flexible audio equipment available.

Currently in its sixth season, the acclaimed series now relies on the technology of Apogee’s most powerful interface to ensure recordings that capture all of the sonic detail and dynamic range of the world’s most captivating musical acts.

The exceptional AD/DA conversion, high channel count, and rock-solid stability of the Symphony I/O are delivered with a remarkably small footprint, making the interface an undeniable solution to the delicate, ever-changing landscape of the Artists Den performances. Equipped with Apogee’s Symphony 64 | Thunderbridge, these setups perform at unprecedented speeds with near zero latency. Gone are the days of truck storage, heavy lifting, and onerous setup – the versatility and convenience of Apogee’s ultimate workstation is unparalleled.


February 17, 2013, at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, CA

For their tour-concluding concert at Los Angeles’ brilliant Wiltern Theatre, legendary Seattle rock band Soundgarden put on a dazzling 28-song set to an enraptured audience. With a variety of songs ranging from throughout their 16-year career, the performance was a testament to Soundgarden’s colorful history and supreme musicianship. The band has since officially released five songs from this special performance as bonus tracks for their album King Animal.

Recording Rig

  • 48 x 48 Symphony I/O system
  • 48 inputs were using Symphony I/O Mic pres
  • Three way split from the stage: FOH, monitors
    and recording rig
  • Connected to MacBook Pro via Symphony 64 | ThunderBridge (Thunderbolt)
  • Recorded into Logic 9
  • Engineered by Felix Brenner and Nathan Elliot Staley

The Apogee Symphony System

Highest Quality. Lowest Latency. Maximum Performance.

Professional Audio Solution for Mac-based ProTools, USB, and Thunderbolt™ workstations.

Symphony I/O is the culmination of 25 years of Apogee’s award-winning design experience. The modular multi-channel audio interface features premium AD/DA conversion and world-class microphone preamps. Apogee engineers created an extremely efficient circuit and power design using the most advanced components possible, resulting in the best sounding Apogee interface ever. Designed to deliver professional sound quality for audio recording, mixing and mastering to any Apple workstation, Symphony I/O is the ultimate production centerpiece for any modern studio.

What makes Symphony the best sounding, most powerful, most affordable pro audio production system ever?

  • Award winning sound quality of Apogee AD/DA Converters
  • Up to 64 Channels of I/O with Symphony 64 | ThunderBridge
  • Ultra low latency… 1.8 Milliseconds at 96kHz
  • Compatibility with any Core Audio Application on Mac including Logic, Pro Tools and Ableton Live
  • Connects to any Thunderbolt equipped Mac with a single cable
  • Up to 32-channels of analog I/O in a single unit

Best per-channel value of any professional
multi-channel system

The Symphony System delivers unprecedented performance and quality at a cost as low as $125 per analog I/O channel, an incredible cost-per-channel value for a professional Thunderbolt based audio system.

The Next-generation Mac Pro Workstation

Thunderbolt technology is the next leap in high channel, low latency audio recording. And the new Apple Mac Pro is the ultimate Thunderbolt workstation. Gone are the days of the oversized, overpriced PCI-card based system. Thunderbolt is more efficient, more affordable and more expandable.

Symphony I/O Mk II

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