Apogee Sponsors Rock to Recovery Treatment Program


Guitarist, songwriter, and producer Wesley Geer (Korn, Hed P.E.) is well acquainted with the healing power of music. Having recovered from years of drug and alcohol abuse, Geer formed Rock to Recovery, a program that gives recovering addicts, troubled teens, and victims of abuse the opportunity to have fun and express themselves through music during the early stages of recovery. By bringing various musical instruments to treatment facilities across California, Geer’s Rock to Recovery instills feelings of hope and achievement among those in the recovery process and offers them a unique escape that only the joy of music can provide.

When I was in early recovery, music took on a whole new meaning to me as it was one of the biggest elements in helping me achieve serenity.  We have a growing culture of young people in recovery and a growing awareness of the many different therapeutic elements we can use to help them.  It seemed much more could be done with music in the curriculum of these treatment programs -I wanted to help that happen.  I am so honored that Apogee believed in this concept from the beginning and offered their support! “–Wesley Geer 

Here’s how it works: Participants in the program form “bands”, write a song containing recovery-based lyrics, and record the song during their final session. Throughout program, the band members are encouraged to unlock their own unique talents and creativity, regardless of their musical abilities. By channeling their emotions through the writing and performance of a song, the participants work as a group to fully harness the healing power of music. Apogee is proud to sponsor Rock to Recovery and strongly supports the program’s message. The Apogee Quartet serves as the foundation of Rock to Recovery’s portable and professional laptop studio, recording each band’s song in brilliant detail to commemorate the experience.



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