Jimmy Earl – Bass Guitarist in the Jimmy Kimmel Live! Band

James ‘Jimmy’ Earl is a part of the house hand on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

He has been using Apogee products since the days of the Rosetta 800, and most recently uses the Element 24 with the Apogee Control app for iOS to record his bass into his Mac.

Madame Gandhi – Electronic Music Artist, Producer, and Activist

“I love the different products…the product line is important to different aspects of my studio and live setup. When you’re on the road and you respect the art and you’re with people who inspire you it feels good to be like ‘Wow, no matter where I am I’m able to create!’
When I’m traveling and in my hotel room and want to record an idea after the show, or because I’ve met a musician on the road, using something like the MiC+ and Duet is a game changer.”