Charlie Benante – Musician

“JAM can be used out of the box and right into your iPad, it’s that easy… I recently was asked to do a heavy metal version of the Star Spangled Banner. I grabbed my JAM and iPad, opened GarageBand and started.”

Recent Projects: Anthrax

Ted Gowans – Musician

“…It’s remarkably easy to use and the sound quality is stunning considering the size and just the idea of recording onto your iPad.”

Recent Projects: Tegan and Sara, Kathryn Calder

Stuart Hamm – Musician

“The Apogee JAM turned GarageBand from a toy into a tool for me.”

Recent Projects: Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, G3

Joe Trohman – Musician

“…The preamp and converter in this thing are just as good as any high-end-price-tag interface.”

Recent Projects: Fall Out Boy, The Damned Things

Andy Cole – Musician

“The Apogee Jam has open up a whole world of opportunity for song recording..”

Recent Projects: Wayne Static (formerly known as Static-X)

Leland Sklar – Musician

Recent Projects: James Taylor, Phil Collins, Clint Black
“…it’s so easy to just plug into my iPad or Mac, record my parts and send them back. JAM is a remarkable piece of equipment and has enhanced the way I work.”

Richard Fortus – Musician

Recent projects: Guns ‘N Roses
“JAM is the ultimate A/D in for guitar. Unsurpassable quality in a super portable and rugged package. The ideal touring audio in. Don’t sacrifice your tone!”

Peter Frampton – Musician

Recent Projects: Thank You Mr. Churchill
“…when I’m in my hotel room at 3 in the morning and I wake up with an idea, JAM sounds great… and it’s much smaller and much, much lighter than my Marshall rig.”