Madame Gandhi – Electronic Music Artist, Producer, and Activist

“I love the different products…the product line is important to different aspects of my studio and live setup. When you’re on the road and you respect the art and you’re with people who inspire you it feels good to be like ‘Wow, no matter where I am I’m able to create!’
When I’m traveling and in my hotel room and want to record an idea after the show, or because I’ve met a musician on the road, using something like the MiC+ and Duet is a game changer.”

Apogee Meets: Madame Gandhi – Own Your Voice

Madame Gandhi – Electronic Music Artist and Activist – let us take a look at her studio in L.A.’s Downtown Arts District to discuss the importance of owning your voice, the future of feminism, and how Apogee products empower her creative process.

Recording voiceovers with Joe Cipriano and Apogee MiC

Joe Cipriano – Voice Actor

Recent Projects: CBS, FOX, The Simpsons, Two and A Half Men
“Luckily I have MiC with me in the car wherever I go, so if something does come up and I have to pick up a line, all I have to do is pull out MiC from the glovebox, plug it into my iPhone and record it, and then I send it as an email.”

The Mamas – Background Vocalists

Recent Projects: Beyoncé
“We’ve worked with a bunch of different studio mics, some $10,000 mics, and the Apogee MiC is just as good as those. The beauty of it is you can take it on the go, so you aren’t just confined to a studio. Wherever we are, when we’re out on the road, we can always just pull up the MiC and get to work. ”

Butch Walker – Artist, Songwriter, Producer

Recent Projects: “The Spade”, Avril Lavigne, Pink, Train, Gavin DeGraw
“I was in a hotel room in NYC and needed to do a quick demo on my laptop for a pretty big pop artist that I work with.. Immediately after record enabling the track, I heard it picking up the entire room.. it was so sensitive and had such broad dynamic range… It kind of blew me away”

PJ Morton – Musician, Singer, Producer

Recent Projects: Maroon 5, Young Money/Cash Money Recording Artist
“When you’re on the road as much as I am, traveling as light as possible is always the goal. Using the ONE as well as the MiC accomplishes that while preserving the quality to continue to create while on the move. I’ve been using it for so much of my recent work!”