Apogee Welcomes Audio Gate International as our Distribution Partner in Mexico

Apogee is pleased to announce Audio Gate International as its sole distribution partner in Mexico. 

The Apogee Guide To Voiceover Recording, Part 1 -Voice Actor Jeremiah Mullins on Getting Started

We spoke with professional voice actor Jeremiah Mullins to get his thoughts on starting your career, setting up your studio and honing your technical skills.

VO Dojo and Apogee Let You In on The Secrets of Voiceover work with Apogee HypeMiC

On Wednesday, May 12th VO Dojo & Apogee hosted a special Workshop/Livestream “Have you ever been told you should do voiceover?” Tish Hicks, founder and Master Sensei of the V.O. Dojo and a highly successful L.A. voiceover artist in her own right gave us some insights into VO Dojo, their programs, and how Covid-19 impacted the voiceover community.

Apogee Welcomes Link Audio as our Distribution Partner in Australia

Apogee is pleased to announce Link Audio as its sole distribution partner in Australia.

The Key to Pro-Quality Vocals for Music, Podcasting Voiceover and YouTube

Whether you’re a singer, podcaster, voiceover artist or YouTube creator, you’ve probably wondered how your favorite creators achieve that rich, full vocal sound that seems to pop right out of the speakers.

Apogee Around The World | Kurt Uenala, Iceland

Recording with the Symphony Desktop was awesome.

Grammy Winner Greg Wells on Apogee FX Plugins

“I’m loving the FX bundle, and the Pultecs feel exactly like my hardware.”

Renowned International DJ/Music Producer Yu Siyuan on Apogee Symphony

Yu Siyuan, better known for his stage name WhyBeatZ, is a professional DJ/Music Producer from China who was been a force in the music industry for 10 years. Get a glimpse inside the world of WhyBeatZ as we dive a little deeper into his story.

Hear The Difference with Apogee Hype MiC Compression

If you’re struggling to make your music recording, podcast or livestream stand out from the crowd with a present and punchy sound, you may have heard that “compression” will help you achieve your results. Apogee Hype Mic’s built in compression does just that. We’ve tried 10 ways to Sunday to describe compression – it’s “the reduction of dynamic range”, it’s “squeezing the audio”, it’s the “polish you hear on the radio” – but in the end, the best way to understand compression is to hear it in action.