Radioworld – Apogee MiC 96k Review

“Here’s the quick read: If you are in radio and you have a Mac computer, iPad or iPhone, get one of these now.”

ProAudio Review – USB Microphones featuring Apogee MiC

“As we set up and tried out different mics, this was the first one that made me smile. The Apogee was clear and bright and not overdriven, thanks to the gain pot. I was impressed at how it handled the high SPLs”

Recording Magazine – Pocket-sized interfaces with Apogee power

“The guitar’s sound was faithfully reproduced. I was especially impressed with the third track; it seems like MiC really liked the sweet sound of a softly fingerpicked figure.”

The Wall Street Journal – Apogee MiC – Loud and Clear

“Whether you aspire to be the next Adele or just want to record the best-sounding depositions in your law firm, Apogee’s new MiC makes the process of laying down high-fidelity audio tracks on your iPad, iPhone or Mac computer nearly foolproof.”

Wired (Geek Dad) – Apogee MiC Is an Indispensable Tool for the Mobile Musician

“… MiC by Apogee is a diminutive condenser microphone that is dead simple to operate yet captures highly detailed sound. … I was first surprised by the MiC’s heft; its all metal construction immediately strikes you as a well manufactured and high-end product…

Whether you’re writing music, shooting movies or capturing sound, Apogee’s latest offering has so many uses for producing content that it may be your next best accessory.”