Inside Audio – Apogee ONE Review

“We would recommend it to singer-songwriters or other artists that need to record two channels… It’s a device that can be used in multiple ways perfectly on the road. Also, price-wise it’s a very interesting audio interface to have!”

Macworld-ONE for Mac Review

“…[ONE] provides a lot of flexibility, great sound from instruments and microphones plugged into it, and good voice quality from a device that isn’t designed to work only as a microphone.”

Unique Squared – Apogee ONE for Mac Review

“…the ONE is really a unit that is full of surprises. The mic alone makes the products value exceed its price and I would even pay the full asking price just to get a mic that sounded that sweet. Apogee really pulled out all of the stops to make sure that your captured sound doesn’t sound tinny or compressed and that was the feature that amazed me the most.”