Inside Audio – Apogee ONE Review

“We would recommend it to singer-songwriters or other artists that need to record two channels… It’s a device that can be used in multiple ways perfectly on the road. Also, price-wise it’s a very interesting audio interface to have!”

Audiofanzine – Apogee ONE Review

“While the sampling rate of the first version was limited to 48 kHz, this new version can presently handle up to 24 bits at 96 kHz. But even more interesting is the fact that it allows us to manage two inputs, which gives us many more possibilities than before: we can record the instrument and the mic inputs at the same time, or the instrument input and the internal mic, or both mics at the same time. To cut it short, apart from iOS compatibility, this is clearly the greatest evolution of the interface”

Men’s Journal – Apogee ONE Review

“Paired with some great headphones, the ONE makes a difference. We heard details in the rumbling bass line of St. Vincent’s “Digital Witness” that got lost on the CD tracks. Its DAC improves MP3 files and streamed music, too. Listening to the War on Drugs’ “Under the Pressure” on Spotify, we heard deeper bass and sharper cymbals compared to listening through the headphone jack of the iPhone 5S.”

Geakbeat TV Editor’s Choice – Apogee ONE

“Overall, if you want to record on the go and only want to bring a small amount of equipment, you would be hard pressed to find a more portable setup than the ONE and an iPhone or iPad.”

AppleTell – Apogee ONE Review

“The Apogee ONE is a serious recording tool that’s small enough to bring anywhere. If audio quality is not something you’re willing to budge on and you want to be very portable, then this is the interface for you.”

Tone Audio Magazine – Hi-Fi Playback and Recording on the Go

“The sound from the ONE is absolutely stunning. It has no trouble driving the headphones well beyond my comfort level, doing so with plenty of headroom to spare. The ONE has a, dare I say it, ruler-flat response. Its performance is on par with some desktop DAC/amps that are many times more expensive…With the help of the ONE, I can listen to high-quality music files from my iPad – and it sounds great. It’s a no-brainer for audiophiles who travel a lot and don’t want to lug around their MacBook. Not a road warrior? Not a problem. The ONE also works great as an audio engine for a clean and simple rig on your bedroom nightstand – or anywhere.”

Mix Magazine Product Review – USB Audio I/O for iPad and Mac

“If you’re a singer, guitarist, or any kind of solo musician who wonders why your recordings sound dull and muddy, wake up your music with the One. Its one quality input channel can certainly be a better buy than wasting money on eight mediocre ones.”