Ken Rockwell – Apogee Groove Review

“This is the best portable DAC and headphone amp there is, especially for higher impedance headphones which usually need an outboard amplifier.”

Electronic Musician – Apogee Ensemble Review

“Ensemble Thunderbolt represents a sizable investment compared to some other interfaces with similar I/O counts, but you get a lot for your money. This versatile piece of hardware could easily function as the sole piece of outboard gear in your studio, because it handles not just the functions of an audio interface with eight mic preamps, but also a monitor controller and a high-quality guitar DI and reamping box. When you factor in the vaunted Apogee sound quality, super low latency, Thunderbolt bandwidth, and the flexible and generous I/O, it starts to look like one heck of a deal.”

Stereophile – Apogee Groove Review

“What I’ve learned: Among the five pint-size, USB-powered DAC-headphone amps I had on hand, the Apogee Groove excelled at pushing high-impedance headphones like the Sennheiser HD600s, and just sounded better with anything I hooked up to it. Dynamics opened up, and details were more clearly defined.”

Gizmag Review – Apogee Duet

“This is the best quality audio interface I’ve yet come across by quite a wide margin.”

American Songwriter – A Singer-Songwriter Test Drives the Apogee Duet

“Other interfaces I’ve used in the past take days-even weeks-to get comfortable with; however, I’m only 30 minutes into my first go with a Duet, and we already feel like old friends.”

CNET – Maybe it’s time to upgrade your headphone’s sound with a pro-quality headphone amplifier

“If you compare the Groove with the lackluster sound you get from the headphone jack on your computer or phone, the improvements in clarity, dynamic impact, and soundstage spaciousness from a first-class digital converter/ headphone amp will be hard to miss”

New York Times – Listening for the Headphones You Want

“A good DAC can open up music, allowing subtleties to come through and offering a new listening experience for music stored on a computer or streamed through an app. But a high-quality DAC can be expensive, often costing $1,000 or more. The Groove DAC from Apogee offers many of the upsides for under $300…The company, which has three decades of experience developing technology for recording studios, has built the device to adjust the sound to any type of headphones.”

Mix Magazine – Apogee Ensemble Review

“With plenty of I/O for project studios right out of the box, and the expansion potential provided by digital I/O, this is the perfect centerpiece to the modern studio. It can serve as a monitor controller for multiple speaker pairs, or be configured for surround sound. Best of all, the pre’s and converters are top-notch and will not disappoint. If you’re in the market for a fully featured multichannel interface, this should be high on your list of choices.”

MusicTech Magazine – Apogee Groove Review

“If you find yourself frequently editing audio on the move, or you simply want better audio quality from your system, the Groove has to be worth a listen.”

Music Connection Magazine – Apogee Groove Review

“The sound is marvelous—the best I’ve heard yet from portable headphone/DACs I’ve used in the past. It sounds like the mix I know well—clear high frequencies with accurate and distinct bass”