Head-Fi – Apogee Groove Review

“In the end the Groove can make your music sound the way it should be listened to. The overall sound is balanced with great retrieval of details.. To top it off it can drive most headphones with it’s amp section. It sounds better than higher priced dedicated desktop amp/dac combos that I have used. Whatever magic they did in this little unit, just works…It’s not every day I get to demo something that gives me that WOW factor, the Groove has definitely shocked me.”

Future Music – Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt review

“Apogee’s preamp reputation is second to none; this interface sounds sumptuous and there’s no doubt that it will turn the heads of guitar-led producers as much as those requiring more ‘regular’ microphone and line inputs via its neat and well thought- through re-amping capabilities.

Audiofanzine – Apogee ONE Review

“While the sampling rate of the first version was limited to 48 kHz, this new version can presently handle up to 24 bits at 96 kHz. But even more interesting is the fact that it allows us to manage two inputs, which gives us many more possibilities than before: we can record the instrument and the mic inputs at the same time, or the instrument input and the internal mic, or both mics at the same time. To cut it short, apart from iOS compatibility, this is clearly the greatest evolution of the interface”

Engadget – Apogee Groove Review

“I could hear the biggest difference when listening to the bluegrass band Punch Brothers. Even when the full band was playing, the fiddle, mandolin, guitar and other instruments all stand on their own. Groove is also capable of handling high-res audio up to 24 bit/192kHz, so folks who prefer FLAC will feel right at home. And yes, you can leverage the high-quality streaming from Tidal here as well.”

Recording Magazine – Ensemble Thunderbolt Review

“If you’re keeping score, this one box can be an 8-channel analog tracking device (with many more inputs available on the digital side), a full-featured monitor controller complete with talkback, a reamplification box with not one but two sets of outputs, and a high-fidelity playback and mixing device where you can loop hardware processors in and out of your DAW… all with flexible routing in the Maestro software. “Impressive” doesn’t begin to cover it.”

Audio Technology – Apogee Ensemble Review

“How was Apogee going to make its audio interfaces any better? By doing what it always does; ushering in the next generation of technology.”

Tape Op – Apogee Ensemble Review

“All in all, this is a tremendously flexible box that I wouldn’t hesitate recommending to anyone in the market for a new interface. At its price point, it offers a lot of extras that help to distinguish it from similarly-priced interfaces sold by Universal Audio, MOTU, Lynx, and others”

Ask Audio Magazine – Ensemble Thunderbolt Review

“There’s not just a lot to like about the new Ensemble—there’s a lot to LOVE about it! This is a spectacular interface from Apogee that truly makes you feel like you’ve invested your money wisely. It’s convenient, it’s quiet, it offers you a ton of features and plenty of gain. This baby is a HUGE win for Apogee.”

Pro Tools Expert – Apogee Ensemble Review

“…have Apogee managed to put a little excitement back into the life of this old cynic? Does the Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt deliver on the sound and ‘ultra low latency’ performance? The simple answer is yes. Enough for me to have gone and purchased this unit, it’s not coming out of my rack any time soon.”