Ask Audio Magazine – Ensemble Thunderbolt Review

“There’s not just a lot to like about the new Ensemble—there’s a lot to LOVE about it! This is a spectacular interface from Apogee that truly makes you feel like you’ve invested your money wisely. It’s convenient, it’s quiet, it offers you a ton of features and plenty of gain. This baby is a HUGE win for Apogee.”

Pro Tools Expert – Apogee Ensemble Review

“…have Apogee managed to put a little excitement back into the life of this old cynic? Does the Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt deliver on the sound and ‘ultra low latency’ performance? The simple answer is yes. Enough for me to have gone and purchased this unit, it’s not coming out of my rack any time soon.”

Men’s Journal – Apogee ONE Review

“Paired with some great headphones, the ONE makes a difference. We heard details in the rumbling bass line of St. Vincent’s “Digital Witness” that got lost on the CD tracks. Its DAC improves MP3 files and streamed music, too. Listening to the War on Drugs’ “Under the Pressure” on Spotify, we heard deeper bass and sharper cymbals compared to listening through the headphone jack of the iPhone 5S.”

Radioworld – Apogee MiC 96k Review

“Here’s the quick read: If you are in radio and you have a Mac computer, iPad or iPhone, get one of these now.”

Technology Tell – Apogee MiC 96k Review

“If you’re looking to upgrade your podcasting mic and/or want the ability to record on the go with an iOS device, the Apogee MiC is a great investment.”

Audiofanzine – Apogee MiC Review

“Apogee’s MiC has a nice look and a good manufacturing quality. It’s self-powered, plug ‘n’ play, small and easily transportable… Almost perfect!”

Tape Op – Apogee Quartet Review

“Evaluating Quartet’s superior sound has spoiled me for my other gear, and it now sits at the very top of my wish list.”

Pro Audio Review – Pro Grade USB I/O

“For a remote recording rig, combined with an iPad, (Quartet) is a stellar and very compact option. This is the first USB all-in-one rig that I’ve encountered where I truly felt like I could make a record and not feel like apologizing for any audio compromises. It’s that good.”

The Next Web – Truly pro audio comes to your Mac AND iOS devices

“In short, the Duet truly is a professional level audio interface. But it’s more than that; it’s somewhat future-proofing yourself. If we’re truly entering the post-PC era, then it’s time that we take our mobile devices seriously as equipment that is completely capable of (and in many cases preferred) producing incredible results that we’ve previously only seen in desktop machines. The Duet makes this possible, and right now it’s the only machine on the market of its caliber.”

Geakbeat TV Editor’s Choice – Apogee ONE

“Overall, if you want to record on the go and only want to bring a small amount of equipment, you would be hard pressed to find a more portable setup than the ONE and an iPhone or iPad.”