Sound on Sound – Apogee Quartet Review

“When judging the value of something like the Quartet, you have to factor in what it might cost you to add decent mic preamps to a more mundane interface and also the cost of a separate monitor controller. You also have to consider logistics — where is everything going to fit? Quartet provides a compact solution capable of true ‘big boys’ performance. “

Electronic Musician – USB Mic Roundup featuring Apogee MiC

“This a wonderful-sounding little mic. Because of its simple, hassle-free, plug-in-and-go compatibility with Macs and iOS devices, MiC is a great choice for GarageBand users, or anyone who wants to improve their iOS device’s audio-capture capabilities, regardless of the Core Audio application you’re using. Due to its small size, MiC also makes a fine traveling companion, and is very well-suited to the demands of mobile recording—while being compact enough to be a no-brainer to carry it around for when you need it.”

ProAudio Review – USB Microphones featuring Apogee MiC

“As we set up and tried out different mics, this was the first one that made me smile. The Apogee was clear and bright and not overdriven, thanks to the gain pot. I was impressed at how it handled the high SPLs”

Acoustic Guitar – Apogee MiC Review

“Combining a MiC and an iPhone or iPad can easily change your perspective on recording. The MiC fits in your pocket or a guitar case’s accessory compartment when stored in its optional carrying bag. You can pull your phone and MiC out of your pocket and start recording in seconds anywhere, any time the mood strikes you, with surprisingly good sound quality. The MiC should especially appeal to those who want a portable recording solution, and it would also be a great addition to a practice setup at home. But it’s also an easy-to-use, inexpensive, and foolproof way to take the first steps toward a home studio.”

Sound on Sound – Apogee MiC Review

“Apogee’s MiC would make a good podcast mic, and delivers surprisingly good sound quality for recording acoustic instruments too – you could certainly make a fairly decent demo using just a MiC and an iPad.”

Recording Magazine – Pocket-sized interfaces with Apogee power

“The guitar’s sound was faithfully reproduced. I was especially impressed with the third track; it seems like MiC really liked the sweet sound of a softly fingerpicked figure.”

Geekbeat TV – Apogee MiC Review

“Because it’s so small and portable, I can take it anywhere. Just throw it in a backpack and go. Apogee includes a tripod with the Mic and because it works with any recorder application, all you need to do is plug in, record on your favorite app and become a star.”

Wired (Geek Mom) – The Apogee MiC: Great for a GeekMom On The Go

“I can’t believe I am putting this in writing and out into the world… but I have been plugging [Apogee MiC] into my iPad, going into my clothes closet, closing the door, and recording in there! The clothes make it a naturally soundproofed room, and the recordings sound even more amazing.”

Rolling Stone – Apogee MiC Review

“With an old-school look, this studio-quality condenser mic connects directly into your iPad or iPhone (they also work with Macs and some PCs) – just plug in and you can record on GarageBand within seconds. With 24-bit analog-to-digital conversion, the sound is crisp – perfect for both on-the-go acoustic demos or podcasts.”

The Wall Street Journal – Apogee MiC – Loud and Clear

“Whether you aspire to be the next Adele or just want to record the best-sounding depositions in your law firm, Apogee’s new MiC makes the process of laying down high-fidelity audio tracks on your iPad, iPhone or Mac computer nearly foolproof.”