“I have a great home recording setup with very nice pres, converters, mics, etc. And the Apogee MiC is never going to match the quality of my full rig. But for years I have been frustrated at not having a simple-to-use, decent-sound-quality setup for creative purposes (laying down scratch tracks, song writing ideas, etc.) Enter the MiC. A good creative tool, at the very least, needs to get out of the way of the process, if not enhance it. It needs to be invisible or elevate without adding complication. It needs to be immediately accessible in any circumstance. The MiC is just this very thing, and I am extraordinarily pleased with the results. This is a beautiful product, and it yields beautiful results with astonishing ease. It simplifies my workflow and enhances the outcome. Everyone who uses their phone as a part of their songwriting kit should own one of these. It’s that good.”

From Sweetwater