I’ve been in love with Apogee products ever since I was introduced to the Apogee Duet2. I owned 2 of them for several years and admired them and their sound quality. I recently upgraded to the Apogee Element Series, and I can honestly say the DIFFERENCE IS INCREDIBLE! The sound out of the element 88 is round with tons of depth. The top end gives air and pristine clarity WITHOUT EVER becoming harsh or sterile. The midrange and bottom end is round, clear, and tight.  These sound characteristics remain true through out the entire element interface, whether it be recording or playback. Essentially everything just sounds better with an Apogee element interface, much BETTER.     

The Element 88’s design is simple, functional and made with precision to detail. The build quality is sturdy and seems bullet proof! 

The Apogee Control software is user friendly, intuitive, and just looks flippin sweet on Mac or iPhone. I love the minimalist design and color schemes. The intergration between Logic and Apogee is impressive and makes recording much easier and more efficient. OH and did I mention ZERO LATENCY?? 

I’ve had to wait several years to purchase this product and I can honestly say it was WORTH IT. THANK YOU APOGEE for making excellent products, and for being a company that cares about quality and their customers. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the FUTURE! “



Apogee Element Customer