“I purchased Element24 to replace my old rosetta-Big Ben combo, I  thought I was settling for a slightly lesser converter but boy I was so wrong!  Don’t be fooled by the price, Element 24 is one hell of a device and for the price-point it’s really silly cheap. The only workaround in this unit is the almost-nihilistic front panel, they don’t compromise with the AD/DA, and you should check out the headphone amps, bloody stellar! Usually other manufacturers overlook this section, but not Apogee.

Sound wise, obviously it has that Apogee sound that people love dearly, compared to my mastering DAC from another company, I dare say that Apogee is musical, while my mastering DAC is critical, I need musical converters to inspire me from the get go. Oh well, I guess I’m bound to this company for life, LOL.

Reyner Ferdinand

Apogee Element  24 Customer