“Clear and full preamps. Detailed and articulate sound that’s also astonishingly smooth — there’s no frequency smearing here, nor congested low mids or abrasive upper mids. I have yet to play through a better hi-Z instrument/bass DI. My Duet 2 was very good, and the Element is even better.

I came back to Apogee after owning an interface from another company; I loved my Duet 2 but had wanted to have an interface that supported DSP. The other interface, while costing four times the amount of the Duet, just didn’t sound as good.

Coming back to Apogee was the best studio move I’ve ever made. The Element’s sound is so clear and yet is in no way clinical or sterile… I can only describe it as full, smooth, balanced and musical. Outstanding.”

Jay Swartzfeger
Apogee Element 24 Customer