“The sound quality is amazing and the functionality is better than any other interface I’ve ever used. It’s big enough to have a presence in the lab, but small enough sit on my Avalon and still allow it to breath. I bought it as a backup and mobile solution when my Avid Omni went in the shop for repair and it hands down holds its own in comparison. It’s also extremely stable. I have to reinstall Pro Tools HD to find my Omni and thunderbolt interface quite often, but I’ve only had to do one install with this box and its ran flawlessly ever since. I buy equipment all of the time and this is the first review I’ve ever been this compelled to write. I love my Avid Omni, but us creative enthusiasts tend to appreciate when a product has a solid price to quality ratio, and this box hit the nail on the head in that regard. The Quartet lived up to the hype and exceeded all of my expectations. It is truly a beast….”

Marcus Polo from Memphis
From Sweetwater