“THIS unit is light years ahead of anything I have ever heard. The Symphony IO coupled with my Focal Twin Be6’s now give my studio that truly professional sound – NO BS!! I am hearing highs that I knew existed but could discern. And my low end immediately tightened up!! truly!!! I have been struggling with bass in my room – I have pretty great bass trapping and all but even with my ensemble – the bass always sounded…flappy, not tight and certainly nowhere close to what pro studios sound like? Well not any more – immediate gratification in the low end…in fact throughout the entire sound spectrum – I ran some XTZ Room analysis to compare and I can see from the graphs a huge difference. Look, I wish I could tell you all that this sucks so you would not buy it and thus reduce my competition, but that would be a lie and just wrong. In fact I wish more people would buy a unit like this so I could quit hear crappy mixes J It’s simple! If you want your mixes to sound like LA or NY or Nashville – you need to make the investment – period and investing in the Symphony IO is a step in the right direction.

I have said it time and time again, THANK YOU Ben Porter – I actually cried (just a tad) when I put up Kansas, Blackeyed Peas, Aerosmith, Muse up and OH MY GOD it’s was the most pleasing thing I had ever heard!”

Brad Lund – Westlund Recording Studios from Tuscan, AZ
From Sweetwater