Trade in your Duet or Ensemble FireWire
Get a huge discount on a new Duet or Ensemble

Back in 2006 and 2007 the introduction of Apogee’s Duet and Ensemble FireWire audio interfaces transformed music recording by making professional sound quality accessible to the home studio. Duet and Ensemble also simplified the experience of using an audio interface with streamlined controls and tight integration with Apple’s Core Audio driver and Logic Pro and GarageBand music creation software. These two revolutionary Apogee products have been often imitated but never duplicated.

We know how much you love your Duet and Ensemble FireWire. But as awesome as they are, the world of computer audio recording has moved on. So, we want to help you move forward. That’s why for a limited time we are offering customers who trade in their FireWire Duet or Ensemble an unprecedented discount on Duet for iPad & Mac or Ensemble Thunderbolt.

Here’s how it works:

  • STEP 1: If you haven’t already done so, register your Duet FireWire or Ensemble FireWire here
  • STEP 2: Request Trade In
    • Customers outside USA/Canada: Contact your local Apogee Distributor
    • USA/Canada Customers: Complete the form below.  You will receive instructions via email for purchasing via Apogee’s webstore
  • STEP 3: Send in your Apogee FireWire product and receive a credit good towards the purchase of a new Apogee Duet/Ensemble
    • Credit for Duet FireWire trade in is $150
      • You can only apply this credit to the purchase of a Duet for iPad and Mac, Element 46 or Element 88.
    • Credit for Ensemble FireWire trade in is $600
      • You can only apply this credit to the purchase of an Ensemble Thunderbolt, or Configured Symphony I/O MK II


  • Product must be registered with Apogee prior to submitting trade in request
  • Only one trade in request per customer
  • Authorization to purchase with trade in credit will only be provided once FireWire product has been successfully received
  • Duet FireWire trade in credit can only be applied to purchase of new Apogee Duet for iPad/Mac, Element 46, or Element 88
  • Ensemble FireWire trade in credit can only be applied to purchase of new Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt, Or Symphony MK II
  • Customer will be financially responsible for any shipping costs from returning Apogee FireWire product
  • Customer is responsible for all Duties and Taxes in Shipping to a From Canada
  • This offer applies to any owner of a Apogee FireWire Duet or Ensemble. Regardless if purchased new/used
  • Offer good until July 31, 2019

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