Introducing Symphony I/O Mk II Connect Series

Up to 32 Mic Preamps Per Unit


Santa Monica, CA – October 29, 2019 – Apogee announces the newest addition to its Symphony I/O interface line-up, Symphony I/O Mk II Connect 8×8 MP and Symphony I/O Mk II Connect 16 MP. The Symphony I/O Mk II Connect Series delivers Symphony quality sound with high-performance AD/DA converters and Advanced Step Gain Architecture™ mic preamps at unprecedented prices. Using cutting edge components and a simplified and optimized analog circuit design, Apogee engineers were able to put more premium AD/DA converters and mic preamps on a single module board. The result is a single Symphony I/O Mk II with up 32 analog inputs and mic preamps at an unprecedented price for Symphony quality and an extremely competitive price for the audio interface market.

Quality, Connectivity and I/O Flexibility Make the Connect Series the Clear Choice

With industry leading sound quality and scalable, high density I/O configurations for Dante®, Pro Tools® HD and Thunderbolt™ systems, the Symphony Connect series is the clear choice for broadcast, live sound, education, post production, house of worship and recording studio facilities looking to make a leap forward in sound quality.

Apogee’s Advanced Stepped Gain Architecture™ for Ultimate Preamp Performance

Apogee has taken a high-end design approach to the mic preamps in the Connect Series I/O modules to achieve the best performance of any audio interface. With Apogee’s Advanced Stepped Gain Architecture™ Connect Series interfaces feature a mic preamp circuit that is dynamically optimized at different gain settings to provide superior bandwidth, ultra low noise and nonexistent distortion across an expansive gain range of 0-72 dB.

The Advanced Stepped Gain Architecture™ functions a bit like a finely tuned race car with many gears: optimal circuit performance (low noise and low distortion) is maintained regardless of the gain required. Digitally-controlled analog switches “shift the gears” of the circuit at each gain setting to ensure the best sound and performance. Other mic pres struggle at the extremes of gain – they are essentially “two-gear” circuits.

Professional Solutions

With its I/O flexibility, interface connection options and superior sound quality, the Symphony I/O Mk II Connect series is ideal for any demanding professional environment.

Symphony I/O Connect Series Highlights

  • New Symphony analog input with Advanced Stepped Gain mic preamp and Industry leading A/D Conversion
  • Mic Pre:
    • Up to 72 dB of gain in 1 dB increments, noiseless gain adjustment
    • +26 dBu maximum input level
    • Improved Common mode noise rejection and EMI suppression for optimal performance
    • Switchable impedance (2.4k/10k ohms) to support passive mic splitting in Live sound applications
  • Control all mic-pres from Symphony I/O™s front-panel, the optional Apogee hardware remote control, or in Apogee control software
  • Simplified and optimized signal path – fewer components, higher channel count, same flagship audio quality
  • Available in configurations of 8, 16, 24, or 32 flagship mic preamps per unit
  • Best per-channel value of any Symphony or competitive audio interface
  • Connect to Dante, Pro Tools HD, and Thunderbolt systems

Base Configurations | Pricing & Availability

Symphony I/O Mk II Connect 8×8 MP + AES/Optical

Price: Starting at $5790

Available: Q4 2019

Symphony I/O Mk II Connect 16 MP + AES/Optical

Price: Starting at $6790

Available: Q1 2020



Symphony I/O Mk II Connect 32 MP + AES/Optical OUT

Price: $12,285 for Thunderbolt model

Available: Q1 2020