Apogee Electronics’ February 2022 software release for Symphony Desktop delivers the ModEQ 6, ModComp and Opto-3A plugins to the hardware DSP on Symphony Desktop.  You can now use and control the complete suite of Apogee’s 6 Hardware DSP DualPath plugins directly from the touch screen. Symphony Desktop is the only audio interface that lets you record, monitor, mix and master using the Apogee hardware DSP on your interface and the same native plugins in your DAW – no audio interface hardware required. 

What Do you Get with Symphony Desktop?
Hybrid DSP/Native Plugins + Superior Workflow for Recording, Monitoring & Mixing

Symphony Desktop is designed to work with a full suite of plugins for recording, mixing and mastering.

6 Hardware DSP plugins are included with Symphony Desktop

  • Symphony ECS Channel Strip – EQ, Compression and Saturation
  • Pultec EQP-1A – Program Equalizer
  • Pultec MEQ-5 – Mid-range Equalizer
  • Opto-3A – Vintage Compressor/Limiter
  • ModEQ 6 – Modern 6 Band Visual Equalizer
  • ModComp – Modern Visual Compressor/Limiter

All of the Hardware DSP plugins are free when you register your Symphony Desktop and install the firmware. You can control Hardware DSP plugins from the Symphony Desktop touch screen and print and monitor through FX for zero latency recording.

2 Native plugins are included with Symphony Desktop

  • Symphony ECS Channel Strip – EQ, Compression and Saturation (hardware DSP/native plugin)
  • Clearmountain’s Spaces – Bob Clearmountain’s Personalized Reverb Spaces (native only plugin)

The Symphony ECS Channel Strip is a DualPath plugin allowing you to unlock the powerful hybrid DSP/Native plugin workflow that is unique to Symphony Desktop. With hybrid plugins you can print from hardware DSP or record/monitor from your DAW without printing using hardware DSP/native plugins. And you can run Apogee hybrid plugins natively in your DAW while you mix – no hardware required.

Get 50% off the Complete Apogee FX bundle for Symphony Desktop 

When you purchase Symphony Desktop, you can get the entire suite of Apogee FX DualPath native plugins at a 50% discount and unlock the complete hybrid DSP/Native plugin workflow. Customers that already have the Apogee FX bundle can get 50% off premium Clearmountain Series plugins as well (Clearmountain plugins are native only).

Workflow that Works for You

With Symphony Desktop, the Apogee Control Software and the Apogee Channel FX plugin, you can set up a variety of workflows that offer low-latency recording, maximum CPU efficiency, easy collaboration and the option to print or just monitor plugins in your projects. Plus, you can use Apogee plugins with or without Symphony Desktop connected to your computer.

DSP + Native Plugins for Hybrid Recording

Apogee’s hybrid DSP workflow approach addresses the specific challenge of low-latency recording in a way that does not impose restrictions. The DSP plugins running on the Symphony Desktop are only engaged to provide near-zero latency monitoring on the tracks currently being recorded, but after recording the tracks, seamlessly switching to native plugins running on the computer in your DAW allows you to scale your session to the huge track counts that are typical in modern music production.

What’s New in this Release

  • Symphony Desktop (firmware update required- included in this release)
  • New hardware DSP plugins
    • ModEQ-6
    • ModComp
    • Opto-3A

System Requirements

  • macOS 10.14.6 or later
  • Mac Intel and M1 processors
  • Windows 10 20H1 or greater
  • PACE iLok Account for Apogee Control 2 software and Apogee plugins
  • AAX Native, AU (Mac Only),VST or VST 3 Compatible Host Application