Symphony Desktop Release 1.1 Now Available

Symphony Desktop Brings DSP Plugins to Touch Screen — An Industry First for Audio Interfaces

Symphony Desktop software release 1.1 is now available, bringing the first of the Apogee DualPath FX to Symphony Desktop and Touch Screen Control. With this update, users can run the ECS Channel Strip on the hardware DSP and access controls directly from Symphony Desktop’s dynamic Touch Screen Control.

No other audio interface provides this type of onboard processing and direct control of plugins. This means you can dial in the perfect EQ and compression setting using the ECS channel strip and print your FX while you record with zero latency.

The ECS Channel Strip brings a vintage-modeled 3-band EQ, Clearmountain-tuned Compressor and analog saturation from subtle gain to warm crush.

Available immediately, existing customers can download Symphony Desktop 1.1 software from the Apogee website. New Symphony Desktop customers should register here to receive their software add ons, Symphony ECS Channel Strip Native and Clearmountain’s Spaces Native plugins.

Release 1.1 – Features

Symphony ECS Channel Strip Plugin Control and Print FX via Touch Screen Control
Apogee FX Rack Plugins – Windows 10 Compatibility
macOS Big Sur + M1 Processor Compatibility