The one that started it all.

Superb two-channel microphone preamplifier with phantom power and HI-Z instrument inputs

*Due to high-demand we are currently out of stock of Apogee Electronics Mini-MP. Please check back for updates.

You've Got Gain

The Mini-MP features two individual ultra-fast, high-gain and low-distortion preamps, each providing an awesome 75 dB of gain. Adjustment is step-less via a single control knob, so there’s no need for pads or other types of noisy switch mode gain adjustments. Another great advantage of a stepless gain control is the ability to adjust levels on the fly without pops and other audible gain. The ultra-linear gain control is also a very useful tool for those who like to “ride” the gain, making the unit a perfect solution for both studio and on-location recording.

Keep the Noise Down

A problem with many mic preamplifiers is the noise and distortion they add to the signal. Not the Mini-MP. To maintain a crystal clear, ultra-low distortion audio path, all required switching is accomplished by gas-filled relays, and the use of capacitors in the audio chain has been limited to separating phantom power from the active circuitry only. This results in a considerable reduction in unwanted distortion and provides the clean sound you’d expect from a premium pre-amp.

Ins and Outs

The microphone inputs on the Mini-MP can handle levels up to +18dBu, giving you plenty of headroom. The Mini-MP also offers auto-selected High-Z inputs for instruments and consumer level equipment. This is a great feature for going direct from guitar, bass (or direct out from an amp), and keyboard to your recording device.

On the output side, the Mini-MP uses Apogee’s newly developed electronically balanced line drivers which were designed for the Mini-DAC and simulate true transformer behavior. The result is perfect symmetry when used in balanced mode (even with an unsymmetrical load) and no increased distortion when used unbalanced. This circuitry is an ultra low output impedance, high current driver, capable of running levels up to 26dBu to the most complex or low impedance loads, as found in many recording studios utilizing vintage audio-equipment.