Symphony Desktop

Product Overview

Let’s take a look at the Symphony Desktop 10×14 USB audio interface, the most feature-packed portable interface Apogee has ever created, with flagship Symphony Series audio quality, internal hardware DSP for Apogee FX plugin workflows, Apogee Alloy mic preamp emulations, plus the visually stunning touchscreen interface from Symphony IO, all in a sleek and compact form factor. 

As part of the Symphony family, Symphony Desktop offers our state-of-the-art ,flagship audio quality. The analog to digital conversion stage features the same groundbreaking design innovations found on Symphony IO MkII –  ultra-low distortion, fully differential analog op-amps plus a cutting edge A to D converter in a dual-sum configuration for improved dynamic range. The digital to analog conversion stage features brand new analog component technology for a robust, high-current output driver that maintains unmatched performance no matter how or where it’s connected. At the core of the input stage are two Symphony-grade mic preamps featuring Apogee’s Advanced Stepped Gain Architecture for up to 75 dB of gain from a preamp circuit that dynamically optimizes for the lowest noise and distortion at every gain setting. 

With this new interface, we’re introducing the Apogee Alloy mic preamp emulation, a hybrid process that employs analog circuitry plus DSP processing for the richest, most authentic modeling possible. Symphony Desktop comes with two vintage emulations:

The NV-1066 emulation is based on the Class A solid-state Neve 1066 mic preamp, with a characteristic low-mid color and slightly compressed transients.

The AX-601 emulation offers  the lush, larger-than-life tube saturation of a carefully restored 50s era Ampex 601 preamp, 

Symphony Desktop also includes a front panel  FET-based guitar input with tube-like response and feel , 2 high power headphone outputs, plus Optical IO configurable for SPDIF, ADAT and SMUX formats.

With internal DSP processing, Symphony Desktop offers the latest evolution of our innovative Apogee FX plugin workflows – 

DualPath monitoring, where Apogee FX Racks run on internal hardware DSP AND natively in your favorite DAW, makes direct monitoring with plugins easy and intuitive.  

If you want to commit your processing  while recording, Print FX mode allows you to capture your performance through Apogee FX running on hardware DSP. 

Also Included are two brand new plugins from Apogee, the Symphony ECS channel Strip and Clearmountain’s Spaces.

Tuned by Bob Clearmountain, the Symphony ECS channel strip plugin includes EQ, Compression and Saturation processing that’s powerful but simple to use, so you can sculpt the tone, dynamics and clarity of your recordings all from one plugin. 

Clearmountain’s Spaces is a simple, but distinctive reverb plugin with three of legendary mixer Bob Clearmountain’s  favorite room and echo chamber spaces, plus his expert input processing.

Symphony Desktop offers a wide range of intuitive hardware and software control options. With the exact same TFT touchscreen and large encoder as Symphony I/O MkII, you have instant access to the most important settings right at your fingertips. 

The Symphony desktop Control app provides comprehensive routing and low latency mixing, plus DualPath and Print FX plugin settings.

With advanced technological features like Apogee FX plugin workflows, hybrid Alloy mic preamp emulation, the visually stunning touchscreen interface, plus flagship Symphony audio quality, Symphony Desktop provides you with the most sophisticated desktop audio production experience available today.

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