Symphony I/O Mk II

Product Overview

Let’s take a look at our flagship audio interface, Symphony I/O Mark II. Featuring intuitive touchscreen and software control, a completely modular design, and the finest analog to digital conversion Apogee has developed in its 35 year history, Symphony I/O is the premier choice for professionals in the studio recording, live sound, broadcast, house of worship and post production markets. 

One of Symphony IO’s most striking features is the large, bright front panel touchscreen, which gives you quick access to many of Symphony IO’s settings. Access Monitor controller features like speaker switching, Sum to Mono, Dim and Mute controls. From the Input and Output views, precisely calibrate A/D and D/A conversion levels for perfect mix recalls, and set mic preamp parameters when a mic preamp IO Module is installed. From the home view, you’ll see individual meters for every input and output, even with the maximum 32 channels I/O installed. Plus, you can easily set speaker and headphone levels using the large front panel encoder.

The Symphony Control software app offers comprehensive routing and low latency mixing, plus advanced monitor controller setup for 5.1, 7.1 and larger Immersive audio systems. 

With Symphony I/O’s completely modular design, you can create the ultimate audio interface that meets you exact requirements today AND in the future as your needs and preferences evolve. 

The first step to creating your personal Symphony I/O –  choose your platform. With two option card slots on the rear panel, you can connect to the most popular platforms available today: Thunderbolt, Pro Tools HD, Dante and SoundGrid.

The Thunderbolt option card connects to your Apple Mac Thunderbolt port, providing up to 64 channels of simultaneous I/O. Thanks to Apogee’s proprietary Thunderbolt driver, latency is incredibly low – as low as 1.35ms round trip, and the CPU load remains light, preserving processing power for your DAW. 

With the Pro Tools HD/ Dante option card, you’ve got 32 bidirectional channels of connectivity with two of the most popular platforms , Pro Tools HD and Audinate’s Dante. Connect your Pro Tools HD rig to the infinite possibilities of your Dante network.

The Soundgrid option card offers connectivity to Waves network audio platform, SoundGrid, very popular in the live sound category. Combine Waves LV-1 touchscreen mixer with a mic preamp – equipped Symphony I/O SoundGrid, and you’ve got studio-quality sound and incredible flexibility all in a compact format that you can fly with.

The second step when creating your personal Symphony IO –  choose IO Modules for the number of analog and digital inputs and outputs you need. Symphony I/O offers 2 I/O module slots,  so you can start with a single I/O Module today, then add the second later as your needs grow.

There are 6 I/O modules currently available for a wide range of possibilities. 

The first step to creating your personal Symphony I/O –  choose your platform. With two option card slots on the rear panel, you can connect to the most popular platforms available today: Thunderbolt, Pro Tools HD, Dante and SoundGrid.

The 2×6 Special Edition  module offers 2 Line inputs, 6 Line outputs for 5.1 applications, stereo AES and SPDIF coax, and up to 8 channels of optical I/O, plus Apogee’s Mastering grade conversion.

The 8×8 mark two module offers 8 line inputs and outputs,  8 channels of AES or optical I/O and stereo SPDIF I/O.

The 16×16 mark two module offers 16 line inputs and outputs plus stereo SPDIF I/O.

The 8MP module adds 8 channel of mic preamp functionality plus assignable analog inserts to the 8×8 and 16×16 modules.

Recently, Apogee launched our Connect 8 and Connect 16 I/O modules, for configurations that require a greater number of mic preamps.

The Connect 8 I/O Module offers 8 mic/line inputs, 8 line outputs, 8 channels of AES or optical I/O and stereo SPDIF I/O.

The Connect 16 I/O Module offers 16 mic/line inputs, 16 AES/Optical outputs and stereo SPDIF I/O.

Imagine the possibilities when combining IO modules – 32 channels of A to D and D to A conversion in one chassis, connected to Thunderbolt or Pro Tools HD. A Dante network stage box with 24 mic preamp and 8 line outputs. You get the idea!

Here at Apogee, we’re proud of the many audio professionals that have chosen Symphony I/O Mark II to be the centerpiece of their digital audio systems. 

Andy Meyer, Front of House mixer for Justin Timberlake, Madonna, and many others, who uses his Symphony IO Dante to connect high-end analog outboard gear to his digital console. in his own words “Symphony I/O Dante allows me to convert analog outboard gear back into my digital console at levels that other convertors cannot handle. This allows me to get the best sonic character out of the outboard gear, and allows me to get it back into the desk in a way that adds depth and clarity to my mixes.


Rich Costey. Mixer for  Muse, Foo Fighters, of monsters and men, and many others, recently switched to Symphony IO Pro Tools HD in his Los Angeles mixing studio. In his own words “I thought what I had sounded fine, but the Symphony I/O was a massive upgrade to me, it was as if I was using a different console. The difference wasn’t subtle.

Of course, the most significant feature of the I/O modules is the flagship quality Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog conversion, it’s where the Apogee magic happens. Symphony I/O Mark 2 offers the best performing conversion Apogee has ever developed in 35 years, with design innovations that aren’t available in any other interface. With superior conversion, you hear unmatched definition in your tracks, with a clear and pleasing high end plus a well defined and tight low end, your mixes come together more effortlessly and translate more consistently across systems. You’ll achieve an unmatched audio quality that you and those you work with will notice and appreciate.

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