3 Year Apogee Assure Premium Service Contract for Jam Plus


  • Receive real-time support from an Apogee agent via Live Chat
  • Your Apogee Assure contract is transferable to a new owner, once per agreement
  • Extend Manufacturer Warranty to a total of 3 years of Warranty Service
    • If a repair is needed, Apogee will pay round trip ground shipping
    • If you experience 2 failures, the 3rd time we replace your product


Apogee Assure Premium Service Plan

Apogee Assure provides extended warranty and technical services coverage for your Apogee product beyond the standard 12 – month warranty period.

As an Apogee Assure member you have real-time access to Apogee’s world class technical support team. Members can use our live chat services which allow us to communicate with you in real-time to diagnose your issue and get you back to making music ASAP.

We understand our products and we understand our customers. Apogee Assure provides a level of service you won’t find with any 3rd party “Insurance Company” offering an extended warranty program.  If your product should require service we repair Apogee products using only the finest, original components. All repairs are performed at Apogee Headquarters in Santa Monica, CA.

Benefits include:

  • Extend 1 year Warranty service to a total of 3 years of Warranty Service
  • Apogee Assure Premium Service is Transferrable one time per plan
  • If a repair is needed, Apogee Assure includes free round trip ground shipping
  • Available to residents of the US and the District of Columbia ONLY

Please note: Apogee Assure Cannot be added to a product that was not purchased from an authorized Apogee Dealer. Apogee Assure must be purchased within 1 year of original purchase date.