Symphony Mk II PTHD Chassis + 3 Year Apogee Assure


  • 2 Input/Output Module Slots
  • Up to 16 Channels I/O per Module (Modules sold seperately)
  • Pro Tools HD Connectivity
  • Front-Panel Touchscreen w/ TFT Display
  • Multi-Function Control Knob
  • Dynamic Temperature-Controlled Fan
  • Compatible with any Core Audio Software
  • Includes 3-Year Apogee Assure Warranty
  • Mini-DigiLink Cable sold Seperately
  • Learn more about All Apogee Assure benifits here


Intuitive touchscreen. Future-proof modularity. Flagship sound quality.

Symphony I/O Mk II is a multi-channel audio interface featuring Apogee’s newest flagship AD/DA conversion, modular I/O (up to 32 inputs and outputs), intuitive touchscreen display and optional world-class microphone preamps. Designed to deliver professional sound quality for audio recording, mixing and mastering, Symphony I/O Mk II is the ultimate music production centerpiece for any modern studio.

Symphony I/O MK II Pro Tools HD Chassis + 3 Year Apogee Assure

Chassis Only! Does not come with any I/O Modules.