• Clearmountain’s Spaces

    Apogee’s Clearmountain’s Spaces plugin reproduces Bob Clearmountain’s personalized reverb chambers for creating the cohesive spaces, expansive dimensions, and rich atmospheres where his mixes live. Classic presets help you to recreate the sonic environment of your favorite Clearmountain mixes.

    $49.00 $24.50 Sale!
  • 1 meter iPad/iPhone Lightning Cable for Apogee ONE, Duet, and Quartet

    1 meter Lightning cable for connecting iOS compatible ONE, Duet, or Quartet to iPod touch, iPhone or iPad

  • 1 Meter iPad/iPhone Lightning Cable for JAM and MiC

    1 meter Lightning cable for connecting Apogee JAM and MiC to iPod touch, iPhone and iPad

  • Apogee Duet

    2 IN x 4 OUT USB audio interface.

  • 2 Meter USB-C Cable for ONE, Duet and Quartet

    2 Meter USB Type-C cable for connecting Apogee One, Duet, and Quartet to USB Type-C Equipped Devices

  • Clearmountain’s Domain

    $349.00 $174.50 Sale!
  • 2 meter USB Cable for ONE for iPad & Mac, One for Mac, Duet for iPad & Mac, and Quartet for iPad & Mac

    2 meter Mac USB cable for Quartet, Duet-iOS-Mac, One-Mac, and One-iOS-MAC.

  • 1 Meter Mac USB Cable for Apogee JAM & MiC, JAM 96K & MiC96K

    1 meter, Hirose-to-USB cable provides connection from JAM or MiC to any available USB port on a Mac.

  • Apogee ONE-Refurbished

    Apogee ONE for iPad & Mac (Factory Refurbished)

    2 IN x 2 OUT USB Audio Interface/Microphone for iPad, iPhone and Mac. Factory Refurbished.

    $349.00 $279.00 Sale!
  • Apogee HypeMiC

    Apogee HypeMiC is a professional, USB microphone featuring built in analog compression and a studio quality headphone output. Easily connect HypeMiC to your iPhone, Mac and PC.
    Includes travel case, pop filter, tripod and mic stand adapter.

  • Apogee Groove (Factory Refurbished)

    Portable USB DAC and headphone amp for Mac and PC for listening to music with recording studio quality. Factory Refurbished.

    $249.00 $199.00 Sale!
  • Apogee Duet (Factory Refurbished)

    Factory Refurbished 2 IN x 4 OUT USB audio interface

    $649.00 $549.00 Sale!
  • Apogee FX Rack Bundle

    $499.00 $249.50 Sale!
  • Power Supply for ONE for iPad and Mac, One for Mac (2016), and Duet for iPad and Mac

    Replacement power supply. Works with ONE for iPad and Mac, One for Mac (2016), and Duet for iPad and Mac. Not compatible with Apogee Duet 2 (2011 model).