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Feature Release Schedule

Release 1.19 Features - Now Available

Apogee Control 2 software for macOS (including M1 Apple Silicon) & Windows 10 PCs.
Symphony ECS Channel Strip plugin running in the Apogee Channel FX (ACFX) plugin and fully controllable from:
Touch-screen display on Symphony Desktop
Within the Apogee Control 2 software
From your DAW

All 3 workflows fully functional in the ACFX plugin wrapper: Print, Monitor, and DualPath Link
Various bug fixes, layout tweaks, and general improvements

Release 1.2 Features - Now Available

PHASE I Now Available | December 2021

Pultec EQP-1A on Hardware DSP

Pultec MEQ-5 on Hardware DSP

Apogee Channel FX plugin wrapper available on every Optical Input with full functionality and all 3 workflows.


PHASE II Now Available | February 2022

Additional Apogee plugins running in the Apogee Channel FX plugin wrapper with full functionality and all 3 workflows:

ModEQ 6



Complete control of Plugin FX on Optical Inputs using the Touchscreen Display.

Release 1.3 Features - Now Available

Additional plugin parameter controls via Touch Screen Control

*Schedule and features subject to change.